French language courses

French language courses in Lyon at Inflexyon

An original teaching method

A diversified offer, adapted to all.

Inflexyon’s priority is to teach you French in the best possible conditions!

An original teaching methodThanks to our small sized groups, the diversified range of subjects as well as the modern and innovative teaching material, Inflexyon guaranties an efficient learning process and a rapid progression.

  • Equal practice of both written and oral skills
  • French grammar courses
  • French cultural workshops
  • “Specialty courses” (French business language, medical vocabulary of law etc).
  • Preparation for French exams DELF and DALF

Inflexyon strives to offer a unique and entertaining approach to the French language, which favors your integration in French life.

The different French course programs enable a great flexibility and allow us to answer our student’s individual needs.

French courses adapted to all your needs

Professors dedicated to your success

Inflexyon guaranties a rapid adaptation to your new life!The intercultural exchanges and respect of individualities are ethical values that are dear to us.  They have helped Inflexyon become a unique intercultural center in Lyon, which welcomes hundreds of international students every year.

Our pedagogic team, young, dynamic and qualified, innovates each day to give you an unforgettable French learning experience in France. All of our teachers have lived abroad. They are able to understand and help you overcome difficulties you may encounter while learning French in France and adapting to your new environment. During your stay in France, our French teachers remain available to help you reach your academic objectives.

By teaching an “every day” French language structure and vocabulary, Inflexyon guaranties a rapid adaptation to your new life!

According to your objectives, your learning method and pace, Inflexyon proposes different French course programs:  17, 27 to 30 lessons weekly to best suit your needs. Thanks to a personal follow up, Inflexyon can assess the improvement of each student, depending on their level defined by “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages“. More information can be found here

Therefore, each student is aware at all times of their progression. Aknowledging that every student is different is what makes our French school in Lyon different !

Teaching Methods to learn French quickly

Learning at your own pace gives you the chance to succeed.

The goal of being closer to the needs of its students, Inflexyon offers six different levels in three main groups  :

  • Beginner classes : A1 and A2
  • Intermediate classes : B1 and B2
  • Advanced classes : C1 and C2

Daily Progress.

  • Beginner : This level is to for those who do not speak or speak only little French.
  • Intermediate : This level is for those who have already learned French in the past and want to improve it
  • Advanced : This level is for those who already master the French language but still want to continue and go further in certain aspects of the language. Inflexyon gives them a large choice of specialized courses like French business affairs, translation, etc.

Course content : PDF

The benefits of learning French at Inflexyon :

  • A teaching method adapted to all needs
  • A clear and visible improvement
  • 3 main groups and 6 levels that follow «la référence européenne officielle »
  • Six levels that are the equivalent of 130 lessons
  • An exam and a certificate with each level completed
  • Specified and varied classes for each level
  • Three choices of intensity between 17, 27 or 30 lessons a week
  • A school open all-year-round
  • Classes for all tastes, all needs, and all aspects

Semaine type :

9-10 General french class General french class General french class General french class General french classX
10-11General french classGeneral french classGeneral french classGeneral french classGeneral french classC
11-12General french classGeneral french classGeneral french classGeneral french classGeneral french classU
14-15Workshop classWorkshop classWorkshop classSpecialized french classSpecialized french classR
15-16Workshop classWorkshop classSpecialized french classWorkshop classSpecialized french classS
16-17 Guided toursI
17-18 Guided toursO
19-21Night classesNight classesNight classesN

Create your own program

A complete program with a great variety of classes:

“Personalized Intensive” formula 

30 lessons of class weekly:

– 25 group lessons (15 “general French” lessons and 10 lessons dedicated to skill development workshops)

– 5 private lessons


“Intensive” formula

27 lessons of class weekly

– 25 group lessons (15 “general French” lessons and 10 lessons dedicated to skill development workshops)

– 2 tutoring lessons with a teacher


“Semi-intensive” formula

17 lessons of class weekly

– 15 “general French” lessons

– 2 tutoring lessons with a teacher


You have the possibility to add private classes no matter your course formula and for a preferential Inflexyon student rate !

Also available, “à la carte” lessons and evening classes to suit all our student’s needs.


A speciality of Inflexyon !

For your individual lessons, you decide what you want to work on:

  • Skill development
  • Revisions of the notions learnt in group classes
  • Answer all your questions
  • A personal study program for a better and faster way of learning French

But also:

  • French affairs for business Schools
  • French law or politics for Law School or Political Science School
  • French for culinary and pastry making
  • French for journalism and literature
  • French medecine, architecture, fine arts and art history, cinema, philosophy, fashion, etc.


With Inflexyon, learn more than French :

  • Specialized classes for your goals
  • Oral and writing workshops
  • A choice of professional french language or artistic french language
  • French in all its richness and all its facets
  • Private workshops, night classes, small groups
  • Specialized classes are already included in the intensive and personalized intensive
  • French you need for university-use or professional-use
  • Inflexyon, a school that see farther than teaching french
  • Inflexyon is on your side to succeed your goals