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French language courses in Lyon for international students

Inflexyon’s priority is to make you learn French in the best possible conditions! That is why since its creation in 2006, Inflexyon offers an innovative and dynamic teaching program that is adapted to each student. The intercultural exchanges and respect of individualities are ethical values that are dear to us.  They have helped Inflexyon become a unique intercultural center in Lyon welcoming every year hundreds of international students willing to learn French in France.

Our motto : The proximity with our students

Our objective : Your well being at Inflexyon and in Lyon

French lessons adapted to all your needs

Thanks to our flexibility, small sized groups (3 – 18 students according to the level and objectives), the diversified range of subjects, the original teaching methods as well as the modern and innovative teaching material, Inflexyon guaranties an efficient learning process and a rapid progression in French.

The benefits of learning French in our language school in Lyon :

  • learn French in a friendly environment with a support of a qualified and patient international team
  • forget the textbooks, progress quickly thanks to our original and dynamic teaching methods adapted to all needs
  • learn French in small international groups formed according to 6 CEFR levels
  • learn French in immersion – focus on daily French in order to be able to interact in French in your daily life in France (even when you are a very beginner)
  • enjoy our complete French programs to develop speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in French
  • learn French hand in hand with French culture
  • choose from the great variety of French programs : intensive, semi-intensive, personalised, evening, exam preparation French courses
  • join us when you want – our French school is open all-year-round and you can study French with us from 1 week to 48 weeks
  • pass your French exams with us in our DELF, DALF, TCF and TEF examination centre
  • make French and international French friends and live a life-changing experience in Lyon

French foreign language teachers dedicated to your success

Our dynamic and qualified pedagogic team innovates each day to give you an unforgettable French learning experience in France.

All of our teachers are qualified French teachers and have lived abroad. Consequently, they are able to understand and help you overcome difficulties you may encounter while learning French in France and adapting to your new environment. During your stay in France, our French teachers and admission team remain available to help you reach your academic objectives.

Innovative teaching methods to learn French quickly

The goal of being closer to the needs of its students, Inflexyon offers six different levels in three main groups  :

  • Beginner (A1 and A2): This level is for those who do not speak or speak only little French. From the very beginning, our French lessons are given exclusively in French and develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills so that you can deal with the daily life situations in France. 
  • Intermediate (B1 and B2): This level is for those who have already learned French in the past and want to improve it. The focus is on all four skills, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural specificities.
  • Advanced (C1 and C2): This level is for those who already master the French language but still want to continue and go further in certain aspects of the language. Inflexyon gives them a large choice of specialized courses like French business affairs, translation, etc.

Every four weeks, there is an evaluation helping to check your progression. Our teachers have also formal meetings twice per month in order to discuss about the students progression.

When learning French in Inflexyon in Lyon, you can forget the textbooks. Our head teacher prepares the curriculum according to the students needs mixing ressources from several textbooks, teaching methods, media and games. The course content respects the CEFR level definitions and is adapted each month according to the progression of the students enrolled in the French classes.

In Inflexyon, students do not adapt to the teaching program, the teaching program adapts to the students.

French courses in France available all year and for all budgets

You can register for our French courses in Lyon and learn French whenever you want and for as long as you wish. 

If you are a complete beginner, we recommend you to start on the beginning of each monthly session. If you have already started to learn French, you can start on any Monday (except for school vacation period). 

Our French programs are very flexible. You can choose the intensity of the program and the length of your stay according to your needs, objectives, availabilities and budget. With Inflexyon French school in Lyon, you can learn French from 1 week to 48 weeks, it is you who decides.

You can personalise your French course in Lyon by adding private lessons to your French lessons in group. We guarantee preferential rates for French private lessons to our students. 

You can choose the French course program which suits you and register online. It will take only a few minutes.

With Inflexyon French school in Lyon, learn French quickly and efficiently!

Our French language courses will allow you to progress in French quickly by adapting to your objectives and providing French lessons of high quality – we received the full score in FLE quality label in 2018.

We strongly recommend you to take an intensive French course that will allow you to learn all aspects of French language and practice them during workshops with other international students. If you would like to reinforce your knowledge of French in a specific field (medical French, business French, French for architecture, tourism, gastronomy or others), we can recommend you our personalised intensive course combining group lessons with private lessons. 

You may also think about living with a French host family in Lyon with whom you will share daily life and use French that you have learnt during the day at school. Your host family will give you many pieces of advice for your stay in France and will help you immerse into French way of life. 

You can also learn French online !

Do you feel not having enough time to learn French at school? Or, you may not live in Lyon and cannot take classes at Inflexyon. We can offer you two alternatives : virtual French classes with our teachers via video-conference or French online course available on our E-learning platform!

Our virtual classes offer the same teaching material and methods as our French courses in Lyon. You will practice speaking, writing, reading and listening, learn grammar, vocabulary and French expressions and how to use them in daily life. You can also prepare yourself for DELF or DALF exams or for studying at French university in our virtual classes.

If you prefer learning on your own, you can opt for our online French course. You can simply register by paying 60€ and you will receive your ID and password to access online platform for 6 months. 

Acknowledging that every student is different is what makes our French school in Lyon different !