DELF/DALF preparation courses

Inflexyon offers intensive exam preparation courses for the DELF and the DALF

The week before every exam session, Inflexyon offers DELF/DALF preparation courses : 5 workshops of 1h30, from 15h30 to 17h00.






  • Presentation of the tests content and their structure
  • Evaluation of the candidates’ language skills
  • Update of the necessary language skills
  • for the requested level
  • Techniques and tips to pass the exam
  • Examples of written comprehension and expression tests
  • Examples of oral comprehension and expression tests
  • Individualized corrections of the tests
from 15h30 to 17h      

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   150 euros  

The workshops will be flexible depending on the needs of the candidates and their willingness to develop a particular skill. From one workshop to another , the documents will be distributed to pupils so that they work on written comprehension and production exercises for which they will be marked. Similarly they will receive documents they can work on at home and from which they can present their oral production during the workshop, in order to optimize the work done during the workshop.

To register for our DELF/DALF preparation courses, please contact us !

Tel. : 04 78 39 77 02 (+33 478 397 702)

Or come to our school :

au 48, rue Quivogne 69002 Lyon