Our school

Learn more than just a language

For Inflexyon, the well-being of our students and their involvement in French life are essential to their academic success.

That is why since its creation in 2006, Inflexyon offers an innovative and dynamic teaching program that is adapted to each student. Small-sized classes, (around 15-18 students for the “general French course” and 12-15 for the skill development workshops), diversified approaches to the French language aswell as personalized assistance in solving administrative problems.

Lyon offers an incomparable quality of life to its inhabitants. It has become a world-renowned city thanks to its rich cultural scene, gastronomic reputation, historical heritage, international and dynamic student life as well as its ideal situation in France and Europe.

It is for all these reasons that Inflexyon decided to settle in the heart of the city that is recognized as world heritage by UNESCO.

Inflexyon, the french language school that will give you all you need to succeed !

Our services

Accompanying you in each step of your stay in France.

Our motto: the proximity with our students

Our objective: Your well being at Inflexyon and Lyon

Our international team is available at all times and assists you with all administrative procedures, before and after your arrival in Lyon but also throughout your entire stay at Inflexyon.

  • Visa requirements
  • Accommodation search and reservation
  • Social security and insurance

The courses take place in a traditional building of an animated and emblematic street of the historical neighborhood “la Croix Rousse”. Our school and classrooms are decorated and equipped with care offering an optimized place to study French.

The services and infrastructure you will find at Inflexyon:

  • Spacious classrooms comfortably furnished
  • a computer room at your disposal
  • free Wi-Fi for all of our students
  • Large and welcoming foyer for studying and meeting other students equipped
  • Fridge and microwave for on site lunch
  • A Library and video library at your disposal

Our location :

In the heart of Lyon

48 rue Quivogne
69002 Lyon
Tel. : +33 (0)478 397 702
Fax : +33 (0)478 274 463

About Lyon

Human scaled yet Internationally renowned city!

Lyon, second city of France, distinguishes itself through its unique quality of life, its student environment, its cultural scene and its privileged situation in France and Europe.

Despite its human scale and affordable costs of living, Lyon radiates on an international level and vies with some of the world’s megalopolises!

Life in Lyon,

the best compromise to study French in France !

cost of living lyon vs paris vs nice


The Inflexyon team is proud to announce the renewal of the  “French Foreign Language Quality Label” of the French government.

We obtained 15 stars, which is the maximum score.

This news rewards our constant effort to offer quality services, whether it involves

welcoming our students, the choice of teachers or the establishment of an efficient teaching method.


About the French Foreign Language Quality Label

Every year more than 100 000 people come to France to learn French. Some 300 language centres (public, private or associative) offer their services in this respect.

To address such situation, FRANCE through the participation of three ministries — Higher Education and Research, Foreign and European Affairs, and Culture and Communication — has decided to establish a certification system of the French foreign language centres established on French territory.

For this purpose, a label entitled “French Foreign Language quality” has been created.

This process aims at the official identification, recognition and promotion of the schools where the language programs and related services present the required quality guarantees.

The Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP), a national public institution administratively related to the ministry for National Education, is in charge of implementing this certification system.

The art of welcoming

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, Inflexyon takes care of your accommodation before your arrival in France. According to your needs and budget, Inflexyon offers a wide choice of furnished accommodations with Internet, close to school, city centre and public transport. The places being limited, we advise you to book your course and accommodation as soon as possible.

Accommodation prices

University Campus CROUS

efficient and economic

There is quite a lot of CROUS residences in Lyon and many French and international students stay there during their studies. This option is the most interesting solution in terms of prices and offers a broad choice of accommodation that fits every budget and every wish.

CROUS offers:

  • Individual rooms equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet (showers, kitchenettes and toilets are shared in the corridor )
  • Individual rooms in shared apartments (6 individual rooms sharing 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchenette)
  • Individual rooms (‘studettes’) equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, shower and toilet, refrigerator and possibly a microwave
  • Individual studios equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, shower, toilet and kitchenette


  • low prices ( from 190 to 450 euros per month + booking fees 10€/month) with the possibility of Financial Housing Assistance ( APL)
  • French and international students
  • close to the city centre, Inflexyon and/or public transport
  • independence

Private Student Residences

comfort and security

Inflexyon offers quiet and safe student residences, close to shops , city centre and / or public transport. The residences are modern, the rooms are furnished and internet connection. Thus, they allow students to live in very good conditions in order to study and enjoy their stay in Lyon.

There are two types of accommodation: single rooms with kitchenette and individual studios.

Single rooms with kitchenette are equipped with a bed, bedside table, desk, chair, closet, shelves , mirror, separate kitchen with a sink , fridge, microwave and cupboard . Showers and toilets are located in the corridor (shared shower and toilet for six rooms).

Individual studios consist of a bedroom (bed, desk, chair , closet) , kitchenette (fridge , sink, microwave, shelves , 2 hotplates ) and a bathroom ( shower, washbasin , toilet, mirror).


  • French and international students
  • modernity , comfort, tranquillity
  • near the city centre, Inflexyon and/or public transport
  • independence
  • attractive cost ( 450 to 700 euros per month) with the possibility of Financial Housing Assistance ( APL)

Host-family with Half-board

comfort and immersion in French culture

Accommodation in a Host-Family with Half-board is an ideal solution for improving your French since host-families provide students with the opportunity to speak French outside the classroom . They help students to discover Lyon and life in France so that students can integrate into the French society more easily.

The formula Host-Family with Half Board offers accommodation in a single room with internet, a bathroom shared with family and / or other students , access to the kitchen, breakfast and dinner with the family dinner ( 7 days a week) and access to the washing machine.


  • warm and friendly welcome of the families
  • comfortable fully equipped accommodation
  • opportunity to practice French outside the classroom
  • culture-sharing
  • culinary discovery
  • near the city centre, Inflexyon and/or public transport
  • very reasonable prices ( between 640 and 720 euros per month)

Quality Chart – stay with a host family

Host-family with Breakfast

comfort with attractive price

The accommodation in a Host-family with Breakfast is a perfect choice for students who want to enjoy the comfort of home while maintaining their independence. Contact with the host family is less common than in the half-board formula, but the family remains available to assist students in everyday life and in discovering Lyon.

The formula Host-family with Breakfast offers accommodation in a single room with internet, a bathroom is shared with family and / or other students, access to the kitchen, breakfast ( 7 days a week, students help themselves according to their daily rhythm) and access to the washing machine.


  • comfortable fully equipped house
  • assistance of host family in everyday life in France
  • near the city centre, Inflexyon and/or public transport
  • independence
  • low prices ( between 460 and 540 euros per month)

Quality Chart – stay with a host family

Special Requests

Inflexyon works with hotels and landlords. Do not hesitate to contact us for any special request (Hotel, private apartment , share-house, etc. )

Financial Housing Assistance ( APL)

Some students are eligible for financial aid (APL ) given by the French government. In general, the APL is reserved for students who remain in France for more than 3 months. You can fill in your application form after your arrival in France on the website of the CAF. Attention, the admission process takes some time; therefore it is necessary to anticipate a budget in order to advance your rent.

Booking fees of 60€ are required for the booking of any type of accommodation.

French summer course with activities in France


This summer, Inflexyon French school in Lyon welcomed more than one hundred international students from 40 different countries coming to learn French in France.

And although it was hot – way too hot ! – the scorching summer didn’t stop us from learning French in Lyon nor from discovering Lyon and French culture through different activities.

You must be dying to know what we did this summer in addition to our intensive French courses. Well, you’ll find the answer down below.

What sport is the best after the French classes in France?


Everybody’s heard of this famous French game, « pétanque ». And everybody (especially younger people) think it’s « for old people ».

But is it really ? It is up to you to decide…


So, is pétanque only fun for the elderly or is it the best sport for the international students learning French in France during a very hot summer ? Thoughts ?


Discover the origins of the world only a few metres from our French school


During our visit to the Musée des Confluences, we learnt a lot on the origins of our World. It was truly fascinating ! And the museum is only 15 minutes walking from our French school.


View of Confluence Lyon bridge Raymond Barre

Learn French through Lyon’s history


We also went to the municipal Archives of Lyon. It’s the place of preservation and transmission of the city’s heritage. We learnt some intriguing facts about Lyon’s history.


International students in France in front of Archives Municipales in Lyon

Have a break after your French classes in Parc de la Tête d’or


Considered to be the « Lyon’s lung ». The Parc de la Tête d’Or is full of entertaining activities. There’s a zoo, a botanical garden and many other elements to discover. It is a perfect place to take the time to stroll around the park and enjoy nature after your French classes.  


International students in Parc de la tête d'or in Lyon 2018

The great atmosphere during our French lessons


There were so many events to celebrate this summer in our French school.

First, we celebrated France winning the World Cup for the second time ! And it means that French team gets another star on the jerseys ! Check the photos to see the great atmosphere during our French foreign language classes.

You know who else obtained stars ? Our French language school in Lyon ! After an audit for the label Qualité FLE, Inflexyon obtains 15 stars on 15 and officially enters the top of the French schools for adults  in France.


Summer party to finish summer holidays in France


To end an awesome summer in France, we decided to throw a little summer party ! We were able to witness our French teachers’ and our international students’ original dance moves.

Not only that, but we also got to try the food that some of our students prepared for the school’s cooking contest.


International students during summer party after summer French course in France


Take part in our Summer French courses and activities in France


You’ve had a sneak peak of the summer in our French school, it’s time to have a more in depth look.

If you’re curious, come to experience our French courses and activities on your own skin, join our dynamic and innovative French courses in Lyon during the summer or anytime you wish. Do not wait anymore, learn French and immerse into the French language with our French language programs in France.