How to learn French quickly

The best way to learn French quickly is to come to France and immerse yourself into French culture. If you would like to come to France to learn French, choose Inflexyon as your French language school! Our French course programs in Lyon will allow you to progress fast in French and understand French culture.

Choose the intensive course in France to progress rapidly

We recommend you to enrol in one of our intensive French course program. You will be able to learn French in a thorough way : learning French grammar, structure and vocabulary during General French lessons in the morning and practice your pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing in the afternoon workshops.

If you need to progress quickly in a specific field (business French, medical French, French for job interviews, etc), you can register for a Personalised Intensive French program combining General French classes and skill development workshops with private French lessons 100% adapted to your needs.

Our French school in Lyon offer flexible dates and French courses for all the budgets.

Do your French homework

You may also do all homework given during your classes. You will have a feedback each time from a professor, which will help you understand the mistakes that you may have made. Our French programs include 2 group tutoring lessons per week for homework corrections. Homework assignments are available online on because we care about your comfort and ecology 🙂

Take part in the cultural activities for international students in Lyon

After your French lessons, you can participate in our cultural events. Approximately twice a month, our French school in Lyon organizes cultural activities for our international and French students learning foreign languages in our school (maybe your mother tongue). You will visit museums and historical neighborhoods in Lyon, participate in various cultural events in the city (theaters, movies, French restaurants, etc.) or in our school (carnaval, picnic on July 14th – national holiday, Halloween, Christmas party). You can find some photos of our cultural events on our Facebook page.

Stay with a French host family

Another way to immerse yourself fast in France and improve your French is to live with a host family. We can organise homestays either with bed and breakfast formula or half-board formula. Your host family will welcome you and help you go through the beginning of your immersion in France by giving you pieces of advice and information concerning French life and all its secrets (administration, French mindset, customs and values, and also cuisine!). You will also use and practice French vocabulary and structures you have learnt during the day at school, and this is the best and the most natural way to progress fast in French language. You can check some videos of our French host families on our Youtube channel.

Go out, meet people and speak French

Do not stay all the time at home revising your French grammar exercises. The advantage of being in France is that there is French everywhere around you. Lyon is a great city offering a tremendous choice of activities. Many local associations offer the activities for a small budget. If you like shopping, go for some shopping and ask the shop assistants as many questions in French as you can. If you like sports, join a local sport club in Lyon in order to practice your favourite sport and your French at the same time. If you like cooking, sign up for some cooking classes in French. It is the same for dancing, drawing, singing, pottery, theatre, etc etc. Relax, meet new people, enjoy your stay in France and learning French will be a piece of cake for you.

E-learning and online resources

Your French language course in France is over and you would still like to continue to learn French? How about taking an online French course? Our E-learning will give you a full 6-month access to online platform with various exercices adapted to your level.

You can also check following websites, which will give you useful online learning materials for improving your French :


TV5 Monde –

Podcast Français Facile –