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Besides French courses in Lyon, Inflexyon also propose you online french courses ! You can prepare yourself before your arrival in France or accelerate your learning in an effective and intuitive way. The online tool interface is available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian and many more languages so you can start learning french online without any previous knowledge. You’ll be guided in your native language.

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Online lessons contents


The test will take you about 30 minutes – the course program will be designed and elaborated depending on your test results.


During your lessons of 45 minutes, you will learn french language used in different occasions- how to present yourself,  how to ask directions or how to write a contract, for example.  With lots of activities, learners can practice their language skills and use a checklist to memorize easily what they have learned during the course.


Each day, learners will be informed about what is happening around the world. You can adapt the daily news accoroidng to your interest (economy, buisiness, health, culture, sport, etc.)


In this section, you can work on different topics of your choice to parctice grammar, vocabularies and comprehension skills.


Check out interesting videos, jokes and some quotes! You will have fun learning French!


You can check your results in real time after each activity with which you can see the summary of your progress.

Various tools are availalbe for you to study efficiently French language. You can for example double click a word to learn its pronunciation, definition and translation. You can even see the list of synonyms.


You can register to our online course for 60 euros during 6 months !

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