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Other than our French courses in our school in Lyon, Inflexyon offers online courses as well!
Thanks to our new E-Learning platform, an intuitive and effective online tool, you can better prepare for your arrival in France and quickly improve your French.

E-learning courses are an excellent way of broadening your vocabulary, reading and oral comprehension: it is especially useful in conjunction with in-person or virtual lessons with one of our qualified teachers. If you are looking for online lessons taught via video conference with a professor, you can visit this page for more information. 

One of the advantages of E-learning is its flexible timetable: you can access the platform at any time, for as long as you want. This way, you can make full use of your free time and adapt the learning process to your schedule. You have total freedom in the choice of topics and exercises, so you can focus on topics that you find more difficult to understand and come back to them as many times as you need.

The interface is available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and many other languages. This way, you can start learning without needing any background knowledge of your target language, and you will be guided in your native language. Nonetheless, we suggest switching the interface to your target language as soon as possible to have a truly immersive experience and progress more quickly.

Please note that our E-Learning offer only includes individual exercises. Our school offers virtual or in-person classes with our qualified teachers separately.




The first time you access the platform, you will take a virtual “tour” where you will be shown the different units and sections. After that, you will be presented with a placement test: it lasts about 30 minutes, and it contains different types of exercises to test your grammar, vocabulary, oral and reading comprehension. The platform then automatically adjusts the difficulty level based on your results. It will also give you an estimate of your level on the CEFR scale.


Each day, the platform recommends different 45-minute lessons: for example a specific grammar module, or vocabulary for a specific topic. The exercises are conceived to facilitate learning and recollection.



This activity is a favourite among our students because of its active and dynamic learning method. The platform contains 5000 videos in total (all languages included) divided by topic: business, economy, health and wellbeing, culture, sports…)

A search tool allows the user to find articles in line with their interests, difficulty level, and type of article (text or video). All videos are accompanied by subtitles and a transcription, to help the student understand the content: we suggest listening to the video without subtitles first, then listening a second time with subtitles.

New vocabulary and expressions are highlighted in different colours: vocabulary is highlighted in red, and grammar in orange. The user can click on any word or expression, and the platform will open a window with the translation or definition of the selected word, or the relevant grammar lesson. The highlighted terms will be included in the quiz at the end of the review process.

This process includes: an explanation of learning objectives, listening of the document, study of vocabulary and grammar, and the quiz.



In this section, the user can find a variety of exercises: grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. These exercises can be done at any time and in any order, so users can freely work on their topics of choice.


This section includes 40 grammar workshops in total. From simple lessons like articles and adjectives to more complex verbal tenses, every workshop is divided into 4 parts: lesson, “details” (more in-depth information and rules), mock test, and final quiz. After successfully completing the quiz, the platform will mark the workshop as completed: however, you can redo the lesson as many times as you need.

Business Skills

This unit includes 4 different topics that are considered essential in a professional environment: telephone calls, meetings, presentations, and negotiation. The first workshop includes real-life scenarios and realistic examples of business phone calls. The second workshop explains the different techniques and tips on how to hold a successful and productive meeting. The workshop on presentations contains realistic scenarios where the user can practice speaking, and recordings of presentations to be used as an example. The last workshop also includes conversation examples and scenarios to teach the user negotiation techniques.


This unit allows the user to learn the most useful 1800 words in their target language: they are divided by topic, and each topic includes 3 steps to help the user memorize them. As in other units, each topic ends with a quiz to test the user’s knowledge. Of 1800 words, 1300 are everyday terms, and 500 are business terms.


Many useful tools, you just need to learn how to use them!

  • At any time, a double click on a word opens a window with its pronunciation, definition, translation, and a list of synonyms.
  • You can add any word that you do not know to a personalized vocabulary list that you can check whenever you want. You can also generate a quiz exclusively with words you did not know to see if you were able to learn them.


Results are shown in real time after each exercise so that users can see their progression and decide where they need to work more.

Our E-Learning platform allows users to generate documents such as an attendance certificate. The links to generate documents can be found in the “reporting” tab; the list of available documents is the following:

  • Progression and time spent
  • Level table
  • Past activities log
  • Individual learning report
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Training certificate
  • Attendance sheet


Log in often

15 minute sessions every day are more useful than longer but less frequent sessions. Did you know that after 1o minutes, your level of focus drops by 80%? What’s more, a new concept needs to be revised 5 times in order to be learned.

Be daring!

People who are not afraid to speak even if they make a few mistakes will seem a lot more proficient than those who do not speak at all for fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process: in fact, we remember 80% of what we experiment firsthand.

Don’t aim for perfection

Students often feel frustrated when they don’t know the exact word to express what they want to say: however, in written or oral expression, there are always at least 10 ways to say the same thing!

What is most important is to communicate and to be understood. There is no shame in using the same word more than once or easier verbs.

Find your learning style

Pay attention to what helps you remember things (images, sounds, texts). When you need to memorize something, be creative: associate it to images, sounds, or colours!


Unlimited access for:

3 months = 70€

6 months = 135€

9 months = 195€

12 months = 245€

Our E-learning platform exists also for learning English, Spanish, Italian and German languages.

If you have other questions, contact us directly at contact@inflexyon.com / +33 478 397 702.

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