Accommodation in Lyon

The art of welcoming

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, Inflexyon French school in Lyon takes care of your accommodation before your arrival in France. According to your needs and budget, Inflexyon offers a wide choice of furnished accommodations with Internet, close to school, city centre and public transport. The places being limited, we advise you to book your course and accommodation as soon as possible.

Accommodation Prices

University Campus CROUS

Efficient and economic

There is quite a lot of CROUS residences in Lyon and many French and international students stay there during their studies. This option is the most interesting solution in terms of prices and offers a broad choice of accommodation that fits every budget and every wish.

CROUS offers:

  • Individual rooms equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, sink and refrigerator (showers, kitchenettes and toilets are shared in the corridor )
  • Individual equipped rooms in shared apartments (6 individual rooms sharing 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchenette)
  • Individual rooms (‘studettes’) equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, refrigerator, shower and toilet
  • Individual studios equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, shower, toilet and kitchenette

Single room in a Crous university residence


  • low prices( from 190 to 450 euros per month) with the possibility of Financial Housing Assistance ( APL)
  • internet connexion and all the charges included
  • French and international students
  • close to the city centre, Inflexyon and public transport
  • independence


Private Student Residences

Comfort and security

Inflexyon offers quiet and safe student residences, close to shops , city centre and / or public transport. The residences are modern, the rooms are furnished and internet connection is provided. Thus, they allow students to live in very good conditions in order to study and enjoy their stay in Lyon.

There are two types of accommodation: single rooms with kitchenette and individual studios.

Single rooms with kitchenette are equipped with a bed, bedside table, desk, chair, closet, shelves, mirror, separate kitchen with a sink, fridge, microwave and cupboard . Showers and toilets are located in the corridor (shared shower and toilet for six rooms).

Individual studios consist of a bedroom (bed, desk, chair, closet), kitchenette (fridge, sink, microwave, shelves, 2 hotplates ) and a bathroom (shower, washbasin, toilet, mirror).

Private residence room



Host-family with Half-board

Comfort and immersion in French culture

Accommodation in a homestay with Half-board is an ideal solution for improving your French since host-families provide students with the opportunity to speak French outside the classroom. They help international students to discover Lyon and life in France so that students can integrate into the French society more easily.

The homestay with Half Board option offers accommodation in a single room with internet, a bathroom shared with family and / or other students , access to the kitchen, breakfast and dinner with the family dinner ( 7 days a week) and access to the washing machine once per week.

meal in a homestay


  • warm and friendly welcome of the families
  • comfortable fully equipped accommodation
  • opportunity to practice French outside the classroom
  • culture-sharing and culinary discovery
  • near the city centre, Inflexyon and public transport
  • very reasonable prices ( between 680 and 720 euros per month)


Quality Chart – stay with a host family



Host-family with Breakfast

Comfort with attractive price

The homestay accommodation with Breakfast is a perfect choice for students who want to enjoy the comfort of home while maintaining their independence. Contact with the host family is less common than in the half-board formula, but the family remains available to assist students in everyday life and in discovering Lyon.

The homestay with Breakfast offers accommodation in a single room with internet, a bathroom is shared with family and / or other students, access to the kitchen, breakfast (7 days a week, students help themselves according to their daily rhythm) and access to the washing machine once per week.

room in a homestay


  • comfortable fully equipped accommodation
  • assistance of host family in everyday life in France
  • near the city centre, Inflexyon and public transport
  • independence
  • low prices (between 500 and 540 euros per month)


Quality Chart – stay with a host family


Special Accommodation Requests

Inflexyon also works with hotels and landlords. If the above mentioned accommodation options do not correspond to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us for any special request (Hotel, private apartment, share-house, etc. ).


French Financial Housing Assistance ( APL)

Some students are eligible for financial aid (APL ) given by the French government. In general, the APL is reserved for students holding a long stay student visa VLS-TS and remaining in France for more than 3 months. You can fill in your application form after your arrival in France on the website of the CAF. Attention, the admission process takes some time; therefore it is necessary to anticipate a budget in order to advance your rent.

Booking fees of 60€ are required for the booking of any type of accommodation.

Our accommodation is available only for the students who register for our French language courses in Lyon and only during the period of their studies at Inflexyon.