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Learn real French in our live online French classes with qualified French teachers

Would you like to learn French but are unable to come study in France? No worries! Inflexyon French school in Lyon invites you to learn French language from the comfort of your home. All our online classes are held using video conferences, and are entirely taught in French. In order to provide you with the best live learning experience, our qualified teachers are dedicated to create interactive and lively classes, with engaging content and quality material, offering you feedback and guidance (and moral support !) all along the course, and providing you with plenty of opportunities to practice your French with them and the other students from all over the world.

Les étudiants internationaux assistent aux cours virtuels de français dispensés par Inflexyon

Inflexyon is a modern quality French school and DELF, DALF and TCF examination center established in the heart of Lyon since 2006. We are a family-run school providing a personalized approach to each student. In our virtual classes, the environment changes but our services and quality engagement remain the same as in our face-to-face French language courses in Lyon!

With our online classes, there is a course for everyone:

Would you like to start French from scratch or brush up on your communication skills? Are you looking to improve your grammar and enrich your vocabulary? Why not try our Semi-intensive general French courses! If you have a more specific goal be it preparing for a DELF or DALF exam, preparing for a course at university or your future job, our private online classes are the way to go. They are completely tailored to your needs and will provide you with all the resources you might need to succeed.


Notre professeur donne les cours de français à distance

Advantages of learning French with Inflexyon:

  • Live interactive classes with our qualified French teachers and DELF & DALF examiners
  • Quick progression thanks to our immersive classes held entirely in French
  • Small groups (3 – 8 students)
  • Free learning material
  • Free online cultural activities and conversations
  • Administrative support
  • International student community
  • A school labeled FLE Quality


Online French conversation workshops

It is known as the language of love, diplomacy, fashion and elegance. Whatever the reason behind your interest in French, finding the opportunity to practice speaking can be difficult, especially if you do not live in France. Speaking skills can only improve when we are talking to someone else: our new online conversation workshops will allow you to interact with native French speakers and French-lovers from all over the world. Each workshop has a different theme to allow participants to expand their vocabulary. They are led by one of our experienced teachers, and are organised in small multi-cultural groups (3-6 participants), in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Before each workshop, participants receive a document (a text, video, image, etc) to develop their ideas and thoughts in advance. After the workshop, everyone receives another document with a summary of the vocabulary, and some suggested grammar exercises to go a bit further.

Intensity and length

Time (Paris Timezone) Price

Theme, dates and registration

1 x 1h per month

A2 Tuesdays 11h-12h

B1 Mondays 17h30-18h30

B2 Thursdays 17h30-18h30

15€ / 1 workshop

75€ / 6 workshops

12€ / 1 workshop for Inflexyon’s registered students

See our calendar for January to June 2023

We are eager to welcome you all (virtually) and share this experience with you!

For more details, contact us : / +33 4 78 39 77 02.


Semi-intensive online French courses

This option is ideal for people who want to study general French and prefer a more easy-going pace. You will learn French grammar, vocabulary, and daily-life expressions and practice them in speaking and writing. You do not need to buy any textbooks, our teachers will share the teaching materials on our online platform. Based on the written and oral test, you will be placed into a group that best suits your needs. The online course is available for all levels from A1 to C1:

Intensity and length




2 x 1h30 per week

during 8 weeks




For more details and registration, contact us : / +33 4 78 39 77 02.


Online 1-to-1 French classes

Are you looking for a 1-to-1 class tailored to your own pace, goals and needs? We also offer private classes using a video-conference platform with flexible rhythm and hours, depending on your schedule and wishes. You can focus on general French or choose a particular topic : medical French, business French, French for tourisme, etc. Whatever your goal might be, our professors are always there to help.

Are you planning to take the DELF or DALF exam to enter a French university, apply for a job in a French-speaking company or do you just wish to certify your level of French? Our experienced French teachers and qualified DELF – DALF examiners will guide you through the format and methodology of the exam!

Have you just been accepted at a French university? Are you unsure about what to expect and whether or not you are ready? No need to panic, Inflexyon is there to help you familiarize yourself with the French university system and facilitate your integration and your success!

You may refer to our pricing below:

8 lessons 12 lessons 16 lessons 20 lessons 24 lessons 32 lessons
360 € 540 € 720 € 900 € 1 080 € 1 440 €
40 lessons 48 lessons 56 lessons 64 lessons 72 lessons 80 lessons
1 650 € 1 980 € 2 310 € 2 640 € 2 970 € 3 300 €

For more details or registration, contact us : / +33 4 78 39 77 02.


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Invest in your future, do not waste time, and start learning and improving your French right away with Inflexyon