French Culture

Learning French also involves learning about the culture !

When you study at Inflexyon, you learn more than a language : you discover French culture and daily life. That is why Inflexyon offers you a diversity of cultural activities that gives you intimate knowledge of France. Therefore you will learn ” the French way” of life through all aspects of its culture : art, history, gastronomy, athletics and education… Inflexyon organizes guided tours with its professors, week-end trips and also helps you prepare for university life in France.

Cultural tourism

Learning while discovering : Learning while having fun !

  • Lyon and its region
  • Historical and environmental heritages
  • Cultural trips, hikes
  • Cultural and recreational tourism
  • Unique experiences
  • The Alpes, snow, but also rivers and forests
  • Skying, bicycling, canoeing and rowing…
  • Astonishing activities to discover

Shows and guided tours


  • Guided tours included within courses
  • All types of programs
  • Guided tours twice a month
  • Professors who help you discover lovely cities
  • Tours to museums, churches and parks
  • Concerts, shows and all sorts of art performances
  • Inflexyon lets you be involved in the French way of life


With Inflexyon, taste wonderful delicacies of french life.

  • Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France
  • “Wine Tasting” classes
  • French cuisine workshop seminars
  • Courses centered around gastronomic vocabulary
  • “Wine Tasting” tours
  • Meetings with winemakers
  • Monthly outings to a restaurant

Student Life

Study what interests you : Live like you want!

  • Lyon, a great university city
  • A rich student life
  • Inflexyon guides you in finding the career path you would like to follow
  • Meetings with French students
  • Discuss and develop relationships with the French rapidly
  • Occasions to use the French that you will learn
  • Cultural and recreational activities for your free time
  • An Inflexyon student card that gets you discounts and other special offers
  • A discount for public transportation
  • Participate in “Lyonnaise” student life
  • A variety of events to discover
  • Blend quickly within French life