Public transport in Lyon

 The public transport in Lyon provides a vast network of transportation in Lyon and its surroundings.

 To know the timetable and the different transportation lines in Lyon, click here :

 To calculate a route, click here :

 You can also download the TCL app on your smartphone !

 There is a student tariff (for students under 28 years old). Foreign students can benefit from it aswell. To suscribe, you have to go in a TCL agency with the following documents :

  • Your identity card or your passport
  • An identity picture
  • 5euros for your card (that you can keep for 5 years)
  • Your student’s card or your social welfare card.
  • Your banking information if you chose a monthly deduction
  • Cash, a check or your credit card to pay your first monthly suscription.

 You will have to charge your card everymonth. A monthly suscription is valid until the last day of the month. So it’s better to charge your card at the beginning of the month (if, for example, you charge your TCL card on the 15th of January, your credit will only go on until the 31st of January).

 You can chose a monthly suscription (28,8euros per month) or a yearly suscription (288euros). tcl carte

 If you chose the yearly suscription, you can start it from September, October or December, depending on the beginning of your academic year (the first two months will be free).

 To get your TCL card and suscription, you have to go in a TCL agency. To find the closest agency, click here :


The Vélov’ system :

Lyon was the very first city in France to start using this self-service bike rental.

You will find loads of stations. Here’s the link to find all the stations :

Here’s the tariff page (you can get your yearly suscription or a one-day ticket on the website) :

You can use your TCL card for your vélov’ suscription !

velovPlease be careful :

– Everytime you take a bike from a station with a ticket (if you don’t have a suscription), 150euros will be “frozen” on yout bank account, as a deposit. For foreign credit cards, the 150euros will be taken from your account and will be refunded to you 3 weeks later (if you gave the bike back after you’ve finished using it), unless you buy your ticket on the internet.

– The first 30 minutes of each of your bike rides are free (once you bought a ticket or a yearly suscription) ! After that, every half-hour will be billed.

– Be careful to put the bike back properly, overwise the billing will go on until somebody else puts it back (which can take more than 24 hours, in which case you will have to pay 150euros…). If it happens you might be able to make a claim and get the deposit back, but it’s better not to take that risk. Everytime you put a bike back at a station, you can print a receipt, proving you returned the vélov’.

– If you use the bike, without putting it back in a station, for more than 24 hours, the deposit will be cashed and you won’t be able to get it back.

– If the bike’s saddle is turned backwards, it means the bike doesn’t work properly, so don’t take this one ! If you take a bike and realize it doesn’t work (a flat tire, a broken chain…), please put back in a station and turn the saddle, as message to other customers !


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