Housing grants

Like french students, foreign students can benefit from housing grants.

The amount of the grant depends on the rent and the student’s ressources (parents’ salary, the student’s salary…) : the awarding of this grant is not automatic and depends on the student’s financial situation.

Pour benefit from this grant, you have to fulfill these requirements :

– Have an accomodation (so that you can indicate your adress and the amount of your rent)

– Have suscribed to the social welfare system

– Have a bank account in France (the grant will be paid on this account)

– Do a personnal income declaration to the french administration, even if you haven’t received any salary for the past year (your salary from two years before counts for the calculation of the grant).

This declaration is absolutely necessary for the CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales). So even if you didn’t receive any salary, you have to make one.

If case you are in a flatshare, you and your flatmates can receive the grant but your names have to be on the lease.  Each flatmate has to do an individual declaration.

To ask for this grant you have to do it on the internet, within the first three months of your arrival in your new home.

You can easily see if you can get this grant by using this tool : (it’s in French so don’t hesitate to ask for some help in filling the forms)


You can ask for the grant online :


Please be careful : for safety reasons, if you stay “inactive” for more than 20 minutes, you will have to start again !

Please prepare the following information and documents before starting :

– The complete adresse of your accomodation APL-aide-personnalisée-au-logement

– The amount of your rent (rent + rental charges)

– Contact of your lessor (name, adresse…)


Source : http://www.caf.fr/