Getting your driving licence

During your stay in France, you might want to learn how to drive and obtain your european driving licence !

There a many driving schools in Lyon. They all offer a highway code training and driving training.

You can chose between a normal training or a quick training (which is a bit more expensive than the normal one).

The driving schools offer car-driving training (B-driving licence or light vehicule driving licence) et motorbike-driving training.

Many agencies now ofer a 1euro per day driving training ! (for students under 26 years old).


Usually, driving plans include :

  • Registration and file processing fees
  • Highway code training : in France, before starting to learn how to drive, you have to know the driving rules. That is why you have to take highway code training lessons, where you will learn how to recognize signs and apply the rules of driving in France.
  • The driving training (20 hours basic package) : once you passed the highway code test, you can start learning how to drive with an instructor, in a driving school car . The basic package includes 20 hours of driving lessons but you will need to take more lessons before your driving test (usually learners need at least 30 hours of lessons)These extra lessons cost between35 et 55 euros per hour.
  • One highway code exam : one you will manage to make less than 5 mistakes at your highway code learning sessions, you will be authorized to sit the exam. If you fail, you will have to pay an extra fee to the driving school to sit the exam again.
  • One driving test. You will be authorized to take the exam by your driving school when the instructor believes you are ready. If you fail, you will have to take it again and pay an extra fee, and probably a few more driving lessons.

After your driving test, you will have to wait a few days before getting the result by post. If you passed the test, you will soon receive your european driving licence !



Here you will find more information about driving in France with your foreign driver’s licence :


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