Epiphany in France

The Epiphany takes place on January the 6th and celebrates the date of the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus.

In France, many saying and proverbs are said during the Epiphany period, such as:

Si le soir du jour des Rois le temps est clair, l’été, le ruisseau sera sec.
If the weather is clear on the night of the Epiphany, the stream will be dry in summer.

Neige à l’Epiphanie, le grenier sera rempli.
Snow at Epiphany, the barns will be full.

For every French person, the Epiphany is associated with galette des rois, a king cake which is eaten during the whole month of January. A porcelain or earthenware figurine, la fêve, is placed inside the cake. The person who finds it in their slice becomes king for the day and will have to offer the next cake.

The French President is not allowed to “draw the kings” on Epiphany because of the étiquette rules. Therefore, a traditional galette without figurine or crown is served at Elysée Palace in January.

In the past, the flat cake was divided into as many slices as there were people around the table, plus one slice in case a stranger or a poor person were to come to the house. This extra portion was called la part du bon Dieu (the slice of God).

Every ‘boulangerie-pâtisserie’ will sell various sizes of ‘galettes des rois’ during the whole month. Inflexyon is organizing a degustation during the “goûter” on 21st of January.

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