Visiting Vieux Lyon

Dear students,

This Friday, November 8, Inflexyon is going to the discovery of Vieux Lyon.
Do you know this medieval district and also known for its architecture from the Renaissance?
Vieux Lyon is one of the few areas that was backed by the city of Lyon.

MEETING POINT in the common room of the school at 4.10pm 
End of the visit 6.10pm

Vieux Lyon became very touristy with its cobbled streets, its typical Lyon restaurants called “bouchons lyonnais”, its shops and bakeries where you can enjoy many traditional sweets of the region such as cushions of Lyon, the famous pralines pies and Lyon fritters – “bugnes lyonnaises” (fried scent of orange blossom cookies). It is true that the gastronomy of Lyon became one of the great classics of the culture of the region, Vieux Lyon is the ideal place to dote of these gourmet specialties. One of the great restaurants of the typical medieval district is known as the Rose Tower (“La Tour Rose”). This unusual and cozy restaurant delights gourmets for generations.

Vieux Lyon is often seen by its tourists as one of the treasures of the city of Lyon. To clarify geographically, Vieux Lyon is from north to south, St. Paul, St. Jean and St. George. Saint Jean is the most visited area with its many souvenir shops and some restaurants. The other parts are still hidden corners, less touristy but equally interesting! Featured!

Come and discover the beauty of this area and its hidden corners including the Notre-Dame de Fourvière, the former Convent of the Visitation of Holy Mary of Fourvière and the panoramic view of the city of Lyon.

You can also find the mini-Eiffel (as a smaller eiffel tower) which is actually the metal tower of Fourvière, the culmination of Lyon hoisted on the Fourvière hill.

“Walking on the historic site of Lyon, is strolling through the time since its foundation in 43 BC to the present day.”