New hosting solutions at Inflexyon: CROUS

Inflexyon , School of Foreign Languages ​​French, offers various hosting solutions for its students in Lyon.
Before the arrival of students in Lyon, offers Inflexyon actually find a home that suits their needs.
The choices are vast and the student is free to choose what they prefer. All accommodations are equipped with internet connection and are close to public transportation to allow students to move easily and to have access to school quickly. Accommodations are mostly near the city center and Inflexyon school.


Inflexyon now offers access to housing CROUS . They are efficient and economical university residences . Lyon identifies a significant number of housing CROUS . It is interesting to choose this type of housing in terms of choice and especially in terms of rates.

Housing CROUS are a good way to meet French students to practice the language , learn about the French culture, and integrate but also to meet international students. Indeed , many students rely on this type of accommodation , French and international students .

Indeed, as a student at Inflexyon , the school proposes to offer , such as hosting solution , university residences CROUS different types of accommodation , single rooms with showers, toilets and communal kitchen in the studio for one person T1 or studio for 2 people to share , with all inclusive. It is best to choose the university residences for their low prices, which also provide access to housing assistance ( APL) .

The homes are generally chosen by Inflexyon to be well located and to facilitate access to education for students. They are in most cases close to the city center, Inflexyon or transport.

Accommodation in these homes CROUS brings in all cases greater independence to the student in the life of every day.

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