Life in Inflexyon

This summer 2017, it was a really hot summer !

This summer, we have welcomed a hundred of students aged 11 to 70 years old of 35 different nationalities from all over the world.

Despite this extreme heat, we have done a lot of things…

We have worked hard but we still needed some relaxing breaks, cultural discoveries,… etc

Would you like to know what we have done ?

If you would be interested, read on to know more about it…


Everybody knows petanque.

Generally (according to what young French people say), this sport is considered as a “sport for old people”.

Is it true ?

Is Petanque really a “sport for old people” ?

It is up to you to decide…


Do you still  feel that it is a sport for old people ?

Traboules and the House of Canuts 

From the district of Canuts to the district of the merchants, we have travelled across the social and architectural history of Croix-Rousse.


Picnic – Bastille Day 

As July 14 is the French National Day and it is a public holiday, there was no classes this day.

As this year, the weather was good, we could organise the picnic for the students at the Parc de la Tête d’Or.

We played football, badminton, volleyball, etc. and we also enjoyed the homemade meals brought by all the students.
A food contest was organised by the professors and the students ! Would you like to discover who won the grand prize ?

If you want to discover the big winner… Click on play and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel 🙂 ! 


Vaporetto and Confluence

One of the possibilities of enjoying the sun and visiting the town at the same time, it’s to take the Saone river shuttle (Vaporetto) that connects the historic district of Vieux-Lyon and the modernity of Confluence.


Gallo-roman Museum 

We have been 2000 years into the past by visiting the Lyon archaeological discoveries of the Roman Empire.



The medieval spirit, cathedrals, bouchons (typical restaurants),… all of this, it’s Vieux Lyon ! 🙂


Inflexyon Party 

To end up this summer 2017, we organised a party in the foyer of Inflexyon “a warm place where students can eat, work and chat”.

Professors and students, we became top chefs and we prepared various and original dishes for the party as this little penguin in brochette  ..

20882648_10155788369994617_7722120768257706165_n       20863484_10155790355749617_8271739542191003718_o

and now, let’s get the party started !!


It is true that the summer is now over but it doesn’t mean that we don’t spend great moments anymore 🙂

On the contrary, we spend great moments all year long and we hope that it is the same for you 🙂

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