TCF Québec (Test de connaissance du français pour l’immigration permanente au Québec/ French language test for permanent migration to Québec) is designed for all those who want to immigrate to Québec and  start the process at MIDI (ministère de l’immigration, de la diversité et de l’inclusion québécois/ ministry of immigration, diversity and inclusion of Québec).

This test was created  to meet the requirments of  Québec government in case of permanent visa applications.

Both French and Francophone people have to pass the TCF Québec.

A successful TCF exam will provide you with a certificate which is valid for 2 years.


Oral comprehension50 euros
Written comprehension50 euros
Oral Expression50 euros
Written expression50 euros

Test dates

No tests for the end of 2017

Registration procedures

3 possibilities
1-Online registrationClick here to register online
2-Registration by letter *Click here to download the registration form 
3-Registration at school *Meet us at – 48 rue Quivogne – 69002 Lyon.

* Fill in the form , add a standard photo of  identity and your payment method and send the complete file to:

Centre Interculturel Français de Lyon
48 rue Quivogne – 69002 Lyon